Grade control


Don’t suffer your crew to go over a grade repeatedly while trying for the right angle. Help them get it right the first time. We can help. Western States Cat is proud to offer you a revolution in position awareness technology, built to bring you to the future of the material movement, grade control.


Slope Assist Technology Sets the Standard in Heavy Equipment

Cat equipment has come standard with Slope Assist technology for years. This technology helps with 2-dimensional control. Unfortunately, however, we don’t live in a 2-dimensional world and Cat sought to solve that problem.


Cat Technology Raises the Bar with 3-Dimensional Control

Caterpillar resolved this problem, with a tool that provides intuitive, easy, 3-dimensional control. Using laser, sonic, cross slope, and GNSS technology greatly reduces the opportunity for error, giving you the perfect grade the first time.


Our SITECH Partnership Provides Grade Control for Older Equipment

Don’t own a Cat or own an older Cat without the bells and whistles? Similar technology is available to retrofit other equipment (both Cat and competitor) as supported through our partnership with SITECH. Born of the same technology, AccuGrade can help you achieve maximum precision with minimal effort on every grade.

Contact Western State Cat today to learn more about Slope Assist, Cat Grade Control, AccGrade, or our partnership with SITECH, and let us bring you to the future of grade control today.