Secondary Pulverizer

A Secondary Pulverizer offers wide jaws with pick-up tips, large opening, reversible cutting edges and fast closing times that bring a high return on your investment. This high force-to-weight work tool has been specially developed to reduce the largest possible amount of concrete in the shortest possible time.

Secondary Pulverizer Highlights

  • Secondary Pulverizers are a cost-effective and productive reducer of concrete debris.
  • Improve profitability on demolition projects by re-using concrete debris as on-site fill, and recycling rebar.
  • Integral speed valve closes the cylinder rapidly, then switches to full power as the jaws begin to pulverize. Cycle times are short.
  • Wide opening jaws grab large pieces of concrete, for high productivity.
  • Teeth crush concrete against the solid lower jaw, reducing it to 2" or smaller pieces.
  • Rebar is cleanly separated from the concrete. Rebar knives reduce steel reinforcements to manageable sections.
  • Teeth and knives are bolt-on and replaceable.

P218 Secondary Pulverizer | Pulverizer | Crusher

P224 Secondary Pulverizer | Pulverizer | Crusher

P232 Secondary Pulverizer | Pulverizer | Crusher

P214 Secondary Pulverizer | Pulverizer | Crusher