The Rental Guide to Aerial Equipment

About Our Aerial Equipment:Genie Lift - Western States Cat

Western States is proud to offer a wide variety of aerial rentals, with over 1,000 pieces of equipment throughout our entire territory. We take pride in keeping our equipment in excellent condition. To do so, prior to each rental, our aerial equipment goes through a rigorous check in process to ensure that we have the best equipment available. This allows us to make sure the equipment is safe, easily usable, and in its best condition to go out to our next rental customer. All of this maintenance is done in house and all equipment goes through an annual check up as well. The safety and efficiency of our equipment is our highest priority. 

Our entire Genie fleet has the same control system to increase ease of operation. We offer aerial equipment for any height or terrain that you need, this includes; 

Whatever your aerial equipment needs, The Cat Rental Store is here to help. Whether it’s choosing the best lift for your project or getting new employees their MEWP certification we are here to work with you every step of the way.

MEWP Training:MEWP training - aerial equipment

Western States is able to provide mobile elevating work platform (MEWP)  training. It is a one-day hands-on, in-person operator training course. The program provides complete OSHA compliance, improved safety and awareness, increased employee confidence, efficiency improvements, and lower liability. The one day program is $150 per person and it includes:

  • Core MEWP classroom instruction
  • Student workbooks
  • Written knowledge checks verifying comprehension
  • Use of applicable personal fall protection equipment
  • Fundamental operating evaluation 
  • Proof of training ID card 
  • Copies of all training and evaluation documents for employer records. 

For an additional cost, Western States can train someone in your organization to be able to lead MEWP training certification within your company. If you or your business are interested in this opportunity you can request a MEWP training here. To get more information you can visit our MEWP page here.

6 Things You Should Know When Renting Aerial Equipment Aerial equipment in the mountains

If you are looking to rent aerial equipment for the first time ever or in a while, here are some things you should know before choosing the piece of equipment: 

  1. How high do you need to go on the jobsite? (Maximum and minimum)
  2. How far do you need to reach? (Maximum and minimum)
  3. Do you have any obstacles to account for to get you to that height?
  4. What do you want to lift? (People, equipment, etc.)
  5. Is the jobsite inside or outside?
  6. On what type of ground will the lift be used?

All of these questions will help our team find the right equipment for your needs. If you want to get connected with our team drop us a line here.