Cat Pneumatic Rollers work effectively on a wide range of applications. Models with oscillating wheels are used on sub-grade soil, granular material or cold mix to create additional density and find weak areas so they can be repaired before paving. Cat Pneumatic Rollers are also used on hot mix asphalt in the initial breakdown and intermediate phases to increase density and to seal the surface of the mat. Lightweight models create a tight bond when applied to chip and seal surfaces.It's easy to tailor the ground contact pressure to the job. Cat models have easy-to-fill ballast tanks, modular steel ballast configurations and various tire options.

Pneumatic Rollers


Operating Weight - Standard Machine Empty
22050 lb (10000 kg)
Operating Weight - Maximum Ballast
59525 lb (27000 kg)
Compaction Width
82 in (2090 mm)

CW16 9-Wheel

Operating Weight - 9 Wheel Base Machine
11464 lb (5200 kg)
Operating Weight - 9 Wheel with Maximum Ballast (1)
33069 lb (15000 kg)
Compaction Width
68 in (1728 mm)

CW16 11-Wheel

Operating Weight - 11 Wheel Base Machine
11685 lb (5300 kg)
Operating Weight - 11 Wheel with Maximum Ballast
32849 lb (14900 kg)
11 Wheel Compaction Width with Bias Tire
84 in (2132 mm)