Equipment Management (EM) Solutions is supported by world-class technology that collects fleet data and helps you make decisions based on equipment location, fuel burn, utilization and more. Supported by a dedicated EM Advisor from Western States Cat, EM Solutions can help your fleet achieve maximum efficiency.

While you work, EM Solutions and your dedicated advisor can turn your equipment data into valuable reports that show you:

  • TRUE COST including fuel and maintenance, idle/standby time, and cost estimates of self-maintenance versus third party and fixing it now versus fixing it later
  • MAINTENANCE REMINDERS  based the on use and age of your machine
  • POTENTIAL RISK for unplanned down time and lost equipment
  • MACHINE USE including logged hours and operating location
  • MAN + MACHINE COMPATIBILITY including operator training and site layout concerns
  • FLEET UTILIZATION including site-specific equipment efficiency and regional comparison


With EM Solutions, you and your dedicated EM Advisor from Western States Cat can use your machine data to build a more productive and efficient operation.

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Saving You Time.

EM Solutions was designed to save you time and money. It tracks your inventory, validates machine health, and so much more.