Gas Generator Sets

Our gas generator sets are made to run on your most abundant gas sources with fuel flexible options. We've engineered for high efficiency, low life cycle costs and for our products to meet most global emissions specifications. Ranging from 50 to 4050 ekW, with customizable options to match your power needs, our industrial and commercial gas generator sets are easy to select, permit and install. Power the possibilities of your world with world-class power. Tailored designs for natural gas, biogas, coal gas, and alternative fuels. New engine technologies deliver power, heat, or cogeneration with world class electrical and thermal efficiency. Factory-sourced containers, heat recovery modules, and control systems. Optimized for operation in parallel or disconnected from a primary electric utility.Natural Gas Generators - Power the possibilities of your world

DG50-2 (Single Phase)

DG50-2 (3 Phase)

DG60-2 (Single Phase)

DG60-2 (3 Phase)

DG80-2 (Single Phase)

DG80-2 (3 Phase)

DG100-2S (Single Phase)

DG100-2 (3 Phase)

DG125-2 (3 Phase)

DG150-2 (3 Phase)

DG175 GC (Single-phase)

DG175 GC (3 phase)

DG200 GC (Single-phase)

DG200 GC (3 phase)

DG230 GC (3 phase)

DG250 GC (3 phase)

DG275 GC (3 phase)

DG300 GC (3 phase)

DG350 GC (3 phase)

DG400 GC (3 phase)

DG450 GC (3 phase)

DG 500 Gas Generator Sets

G3406 | 108.5kW-155kW Natural Gas Generator  

G3412 | 350kW-500kW Gas Generator

G3412 | 350kW-500kW Gas Generator

G3512 | 525kW-750kW Natural Gas Generator

G3512 | 700kW-1000kW Natural Gas Generator

G3512H | 1061kW-1515kW Gas Generator

G3512H | 1061 - 1515kW Gas Generator

G3516A | 728.7kW-1041kW Gas Generator

G3516C | 1173kW-1675kW Natural Gas Generator

G3516 | 1061 - 1500kW Natural Gas Generator

G3516H | 1419kW-2027kW Gas Generator

G3516H | 1419 - 2027kW Gas Generator

G3520C | 1457kW-2082kW Gas Generator

G3520 | 1400kW-2000kW Natural Gas Generator

G3520 | 1750kW-2500kW Natural Gas Generator

G3520H | 1763kW-2519kW Gas Generator

G3520H | 1763kW-2519kW Gas Generator

CG132B-8 | 280kW-400kW Gas Generator

CG132B-12 | 420kW-600kW Gas Generator

CG132B-16 | 400kW-800kW Gas Generator

CG132B-16 | 700kW-1000kW Gas Generator

CG170-12 K | 787.5kW-1125kW Gas Generator

CG170-12 | 840kW-1200kW Gas Generator

CG170B-12 | 1380kW Gas Generator

CG170-16 K | 1050kW-1500kW Gas Generator

CG170-16 | 1092kW-1560kW Gas Generator

CG170B-16 | 1840kW Gas Generator

CG170-20 | 1400kW-2000kW Gas Generator

CG170B-20 | 1610kW-2300kW Gas Generator

CG260-12 | 2100kW-3000kW(3MW) Gas Generator

CG260-16 | 2800kW-4000kW Gas Generator

CG260-16 | 2800kW-4500kW Gas Generator